Monday, December 1, 2014

Playing Around

It's been getting cold and crappy outside. That means my kids don't see a whole lot of outdoor play.
Every once in awhile we'll go to the mall or something where there's toys to play in or a little play area.
Jayce loves playing around being an astronaut or running around the play area.
Ashton loves climbing on stuff in the play area and going down the slide. People are always surprised at how well Ashton walks around because he's so small.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ashton turns 1

I can't believe my little baby is now a 1 year old!
Some of our friends invited us to dinner so we had his little birthday party at their house.
Chanthovone was so cute. She had balloons and decorations up for Ashton's party. It was so nice.
Jayce really liked playing with the party favors. He kept playing with them with the twins, Torr and Raad.
Jayce was cracking everyone up.
Baby had fun with the favors too. Look at the face! I think he's just about the cutest thing ever, but you know, I'm not biased or anything.
I think Ashton liked chewing on the toys more than anything else.
After our lovely dinner of pho,, it was time for the cupcakes I made.
Of course I made black-bottom cupcakes and Ashton liked them.
Surprisingly, Ashton didn't make too much of a mess at first. We had to initially coax him to actually taste the cake instead of mushing it.

Oh, Ashton is such a sweet little boy.
He is such a cute little angel. He's brightened up our family so much. Terryn and Jayce are very protective of him and sometimes fight for his attention. Ashton loves trying to keep up with his older brothers. He tries to wrestle with Daddy and play chase. He's happy most of the time and likes to laugh, dance and clap to music. He's been my earliest walker, taking is first steps just before 10 months. We love him so much. Happy birthday Ashton!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

West Point Military Museum

Sean recently found a Cub Scout troop in Sloatsburg that he wanted Terryn to join. A bunch of Terryn's friends from school are in the troop and one of his friend's Dad is the leader.
Terryn likes to be able to wear his uniform. I think it's funny how he likes to wear different uniforms. So far he's enjoyed cub scouts.
One of the first activities we wee able to go to was at West Point. They had a special sleep-over even there. It was on Saturday night. We all went and looked around the museum, but had decided we weren't going to stay the night.
Terryn and Jayce had fun looking at tanks, guns and dioramas.
Terryn had fun seeing his friends.
Sean and I thought some of the dioramas were really cool. 
It was fascinating to learn some of the military strategies that had been used long before many of our current machines were invented.
At one part of the activity, one of the museum workers showed kids some weapons.
These pictures crack me up.
I can just imagine people freaking out that my 6 year old is touching a gun. Hahahahahaha...
Terryn thought the sword was cool too. Luckily no one got hurt.
Jayce didn't want anything to do with any of the weapons. He was being kind of a crank.
After the weapons demonstration, we went to the basement where there were tables set up and we had pizza. The boys had a lot of fun eating and hanging out with the other boys.
At one point during the activity, there was a game where the boys had to find a bunch of different things within the museum. They had fun doing that too.

It was after this that we left. Terryn was so tired and had a total melt-down. I think e fell asleep pretty quickly in the car after we left. Apparently after we left they set up a projector in the basement and watched "Night At the Museum". One of Terryn's friends got really freaked out after the movie. I mean, they are in a museum full of soldiers, weapons and tanks etc. He asked his Dad if they could go home. So they did instead of spending the night. Heh heh. I thought that was pretty cute/funny. I could see that happening to Terryn if we had stayed.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Leaves, Leaves, Leaves!

When it's autumn time it means the changing of the seasons. It's starts to get a little chilly and the leaves  begin to fall. When you have a deciduous tree in your front and backyards, autumn also means raking up a bunch of leaves.
This year all the leaves seemed to fall at once and so we really only had to rake the leaves once. Sean raked them all into a big pile in the front yard and Terryn came home from school one day and saw it. You could see the mischievous light shine in his eyes and he jumped in.
He had fun covering himself up with leaves. 
Sometimes Terryn is so cute.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Last Day of Soccer

Terryn's soccer season came to a close and a chilly Saturday. I think he enjoyed playing even though he wasn't the best or didn't always know what to do. Here's some photos of his last game. He's player #1. He's wearing a black skull hat.
He made new friends, especially with the coach's son, Christopher. They liked to pal around.
Every once in awhile you'd see them walking with their arms around each other. It was cute.
Terryn had a good season. I honestly think his favorite part of playing soccer was wearing his soccer clothes. I think it made him feel special.
During the game we sat in our chairs we brought and Jayce played with some of the other younger siblings of the team.
Since it was the last game of the season, we all went to pizza afterward.
The kids chowed down and had a good time.
Then they got their trophies.
They were these funny little soccer balls. They also got some cool beanies that said Mahwah Soccer.
Terryn was excited to get his trophy.
Look at that happy face.
After the awards were passed out it was time to say goodbye, but not before one last photo op. Good job guys!