Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fourth of July Tie Dye

I got inspired from something I saw my cousins Ashleigh and Stanton do from a picture they posted on Facebook.
They did patriotic tie dye shirts and they turned out so cute. I thought, "We should do this." I had to get white T-shirts for the boys for camp anyway and they were on sale, so I went for it. Friday morning Julie watched the boys for me while I tie dyed the shirts. I made sure to do one for Julie too.
 I decided to make them all with the spiral design. I think they turned out great!
 I honestly wasn't sure if they'd turn out. We decided to be THAT family and be super dorky and all matchy for Independence Day. Julie is wearing hers into the city and we're gonna wear ours to the baseball game. Hopefully our game won't get rained out.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Last Day of School

Terryn has had a pretty great school year this year (specially when you compare it to last year). He's grown up a lot, made new friends and learned a lot. He was even Student of the Month in March!
 I took some pictures before he headed off to school so I could note the difference from the first day of school and the last day of school. Ashton and Jayce wanted to join in the picture fun so I let them.
It seemed like school when really late this year... probably because it did. It basically went into the last full week of June.
Now Terryn and Jayce are excited for summer camp which starts July 6th.
Look at the difference from the beginning of the year until the last day. Wow! It's like he went from baby to boy.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Olympic Day

Friday was Olympic Day at Terryn's school. It's something the kids look forward to every year.
Each class is divided into groups and assigned a country. They even get special shirts to wear.
Families are invited to come watch their student compete in the different games.
There are obstacle courses,
javelin toss,
and the standing long jump,
Jayce and Ashton kept wanting to participate and we had to keep pulling them back.
Daddy and the boys decided to take a little break.
There was also a pizza box relay where you had to stack an additional box on top of your stack each time.
I found Elena playing soccer with her class.
There was also basketball in the gym.
Terryn's last event was soccer.
He just wanted to be the goalie. It was kind of a bummer. I was hoping to see him running around to try to get the ball. Oh well.

After all the sports there was a short award ceremony and then lunch. I brought lunch for all of us. We sat in the shade and munched away while the boys played. It was fun.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Spartan Race

Terryn had the opportunity to be apart of a Spartan race with his cub scout group. There were only five boys. They all wore their cub scout shirts to represent.
I think Jayce thought he was part of the group. Heh heh.
The boys, all with their competitor's headbands on, lined up at the muddy starting line. Then off they went. I don't think Terryn quite knew what was going on.
He started off pretty slow, probably not realizing that he could pass people. There were many different obstacles that the kids had to go through. 
There was uneven terrain, like mogals and then they had to crawl under ropes. There were walls to climb over and through. Then there was a running section.
I walked up the hill to catch Terryn coming back down the course. 
I found him doing the potato sack hop.
Then he had to run to the a big netted hill to climb over.
He did really well.
I could tell that he was speeding up.
He crossed the finish line and received a metal. He thought that was pretty awesome. You can tell by the smile on his face.
Kieren was the last of the boys to finish. They all cheered really hard for him. It was very cute.
The boys were all very excited to wear their metals.
Here they are doing their "muscle" pose. Hahaha!

After the race we all met up at a pizza place and celebrated by eating a whole lot of pizza. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Sloatsburg Memorial Day Parade

Since Terryn is in Cub Scouts, he was invited to march in the Sloatsburg Memorial Day parade. The boys all met at the Municipal Building to line up.
We dropped Terryn off there and then found a spot on Route 17 to view the procession.
We found a shady spot and we had brought our camping chairs. Jayce and Ashton were happily munching on chips, waiting for the parade to begin.
We saw a car pass by with some WWII veterans. I saw Harrison Bush sitting in the car as it drove by. He is a guy that I've gotten to know a little bit. He's married to a Swiss woman and we found out that during WWII he arrived in Belgium right after the Battle of the Bulge.
We saw a marching band go by playing military songs. Then we saw Terryn's Boy Scout Pack march by.
He was kinda hiding from us at first.
He did eventually manage a wave at us though.
I think he enjoyed himself.
Then we saw Elena and Audrey go by with their Girl Scout troop.
Lastly we saw the fire turcks and police cars go by. It was a short parade, but it was cute. We sat by Kieren's mom to watch the parade and Kieren's Dad is Terryn's cub scout den leader. He walked them back over to us. We began our walk back home and Terryn rode his tiny little bike back.