Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Ashton has been rockin' tummy time. He's really good at holding up his head. Lately he's been trying to put his legs underneath him like he's attempting crawl. So cute.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

First Spring Hike of the Year

Saturday was the first official day of Spring Break. It was supposed to be a nice day and since Sean had been traveling so much this last month, we thought we should do something as a family.
 We decided to go on a hike. We love the fact that we live, literally, 5 minutes from a nice hike in Harriman State Park.
 It was a gorgeous day, probably the first day this spring where we didn't need to wear a jacket.
 In fact, toward the end of the day it ended up being like 75 degrees! It's like it went from winter straight to summer in the space of a week. (I'm not complaining by the way.)
We decided to hike the white trail this time. I'd never done this hike. It was supposed to be about two miles to a lookout.
The kids started off doing pretty well. Terryn kept saying he was tired and kept taking off his backpack. We took a considerable rest stop at this huge rock. Sean and the boys had to use the "ladder log" to get on top of it. This is where we ate our lunch.
 After lunch we continued on.
 Aside from the occasional, "I'm tired," from Terryn, the boys did really well.
 On the way to the lookout, I think Jayce walked almost the whole way.
At one point along the trail, I could tell we were at a high point so I took a small detour to find out what I could see. Sean and the boys took a little break on a huge rock. In the picture above, you might be able to see Sean laying down on the job.
Finally we came to where the white trail met up with the blue trail. This is the way we needed to take to get to the lookout.
This part of the trail was a pretty steep ascent. 
 Terryn and Jayce were like little goat mountain goats.
I was not expecting the trail to be this steep. I was fine, but my knee was hurting a little bit and I was off balance having baby strapped to the front of me.
 Jayce decided to take the super steep part of the trail.
The pictures don't do it justice, but it was almost straight up and down. I was impressed at how well he climbed it though.
Both boys did a super job climbing. 
 We finally made it to the top and had a pretty spectacular view of the valley.
 I imagine the view will be a lot prettier once the trees start budding.
 I managed to capture a picture a Terryn resting at the top.
 ...And another one of him with his monster smile that he likes to make so much.
 We got some other hikers to take a family shot for us.
 ...and one with the monster smile.
We found a spot near the lookout, just off the trail, that was perfect for a long break and naps. I snuggled Ashton up with our jackets and laid him in the shade. He fell asleep pretty quickly.
Jayce was SO TIRED. It took Sean a long time to get him to fall asleep, but he finally did. H probably sleep for about 20 minutes. Terryn just played around, throwing sticks and rocks, looking at weird bugs and eating his snacks.

We stayed up here for about an hour and then gathered up our stuff and made the steep hike down.
The way back went by really fast. We only stopped to rest a few times and the way back was mostly downhill. The boys did such a great job hiking, but when they were done, they were POOPED OUT. Terryn fell asleep on the couch when we got home.

It was such a gorgeous day. I wasn't expecting it to be so nice. I think we all got a little sunburned. We ended our day by barbecuing hamburgers with our neighbors. What a great start to our spring break.

Hat Dance Party

For the last month or so I've been playing music in the morning after the kids finish breakfast during the time they have to wait until it's time to go out to the bus. This has since turned into a dance party.
 Even more recently it has turned into "Hat" dance party. Meaning everyone needs to wear a hat now too.
 We bust out songs from "Frozen", "Phineas and Ferb" or Gangham Style. We bee-bop around the floor showcasing our best dance moves.
The kids have a blast and I think it's a great way to burn up a little energy before they have to sit for hours at school.
I play DJ, taking requests, and every once in awhile will join in on the dancing action. 
We have fun. Then I usually have Frozen or Phineas and Ferb songs stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

Hanging Around

Terryn right now either hates or loves to have his picture taken. He likes me to take pictures and then show hit to him on the camera. Sometimes he'll do something and say, "Mom! Take my picture!"
One time he laid down next to Ashton and asked me to take a picture of them. Aren't they cute?
 Here's another time where he wanted his photo taken.
 The other day I caught Jayce hanging from the bassinet base like a gymnast.
I was actually pretty impressed with his skills even though I wasn't able to snap a picture of his really impressive lift. I think Jayce afterward said, "I strong." Yep buddy, you are strong. And cute. And mischievous.

Pizza and Playground

One evening when Sean was gone on a business trip, I decided to take the kids out for pizza and ice cream. Terryn had been a good boy since he got home from school and so this was a treat for him (and me because I didn't have to cook). Usually when he comes home from school, he is very ornery. He's also been having some behavior problems at home and at school. This was an opportunity for me to reward him for being good. 

Both Terryn and Jayce were really good at the restaurant. This particular place has games that people can go get and bring to their table. I told Terryn that when he was done with his pizza that he could play games. He obediently did what I asked so then he got to pick an ice cream flavor. He always chooses vanilla (boring) and Jayce got chocolate. Jayce is my little chocoholic. Terryn played games and ate his ice cream while being a pretty good boy. Jayce was so focused on his ice cream that he caught the attention of a young couple sitting at another table. Once his ice cream was almost gone, he went from using his spoon to drinking the remnants. The couple was silently laughing at him because it was pretty funny. When he was done he smiled at me with a chocolately grin, held out his bowl and said, "I wa mo," (I want more). The couple laughed... and so did I. Such a little character.

After we left and I headed over to a playground and let the kids burn off some energy for about half an hour. It was a little bit cold, but I figured they had been good and we're dying to play outside. We've been cooped up all winter and the weather is just starting to change enough that we can play outside.
The boys climbed around the play equipment and then we went on the swings. I put Ashton in a swing to see how he'd do. He looks so TINY! I think he liked it okay, but I didn't swing him too vigorously. I was afraid he might fall out or tip over.
Here are all the boys swinging.