Friday, July 25, 2014

New Legos

For Jayce's birthday, he got some Legos from the Lego Movie. It was a pretty spectacular set actually. It was Lord Business's Evil Lair. It came with many of the key characters from the movie and Jayce LOVED it.
Terryn helped build the set for him and then they acted out scenes form the movie for hours.
Here's Terryn showing off Lord Business and Emmet.

They also got a Cloud Cuckoo set with Wild Style and UniKitty.
They had a blast trying to put the piece of resistance on the Kragle.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Library, Shopping, Splash Park and Pizza

There was a week where Sean was gone on a business trip and it happened to also be the first week after Terryn was out of school. So it was me and three kids for a few days. We started out our day going to the library and getting a bunch of books. We want to get Terryn involved in the Summer Reading Program and the local library and for his school. The kids were relatively good at the library, aside from Jayce running around and playing chase from me as I tried to get him.

Then we headed to the grocery store so I could get some necessities. They were really good there. I was pleasantly surprised.

Then I decided to find a splash park for the kids to play in. This was not an easy task. Easily the thing I miss most about Jersey City is the access to free, awesome parks. There were so many nice splash parks there. Here in Rockland County you have to buy a membership for things and you have to live in that township. It's super annoying. I found a website that listed free splash parks and headed over to one. 
Terryn had a fun time playing in the water. It was pretty hot so it was nice day to cool off.
Jayce was tired and not feeling good, so he stayed in the stroller and tried to sleep.
I dressed Ashton up in his swim clothes and let him crawl around in the water.
He loved it.
He splashed around in the big puddles while I sat next to him, protecting him from the kids running around.
He's so stinking cute.
Terryn made fast friends with a bunch of boys and played for a long time.
Jayce finally woke up long enough that he wanted to play on the playground that was right next to the water stuff. I let Terryn keep playing in the water since I could see him.
Jayce played on the big toy for awhile and then decided he wanted to play in the water. When I went to go through the gate some people stopped me asking for my pass or whatever. I was like, "Huh? What are you talking about?" Apparently this splash park in NOT free. I just happened to wander in at the right time initially. So I collected Terryn and the boys finished up our time on the playground. I showed that staff member the website that referred me here saying it was free, to explain my confusion. Oh well. Terryn had fun. I guess I will have to continue my search for other cheap summer cool-off options.

After the park we were all hungry and I didn't feel like cooking. I called ahead to the pizza place near our house so the pizza would be ready when we got there.
I was shocked that Jayce actually ate his pizza. He can be a really picky eater. I found the trick I think... it's to let him add shaker cheese to it.
Terryn did a really good job eating, especially considering that his meds had worn off. I think he ate like 3 or 4 pieces, which for him is a lot.
I told the boys that if they ate their pizza they could have ice cream. They both got ice cream, but I think Jayce enjoyed his a lot more. He LOVES chocolate ice cream.
The boys were pretty good at the pizza place. It's a pretty family friendly place. There toys and games that kids can play with. I was proud of my boys for being so well-behaved all day. It was a really long day, but we had lots of fun.

Cupcakes, Wildflowers and a Party

There was a Relief Society activity where I was asked to help do centerpieces and make cupcakes. Now the cupcakes were easy because I LOVE making... and eating good cupcakes. I decided to make Orange Dream cupcakes with orange-cream cheese frosting. They are pretty yummy. The other cupcake I made was lemon cupcakes (from scratch) with a squirt of raspberry jam in the center and topped with lemon-raspberry butter cream frosting. I think these are just about my favorite cupcakes. They are SO good. I topped each cupcake with a little citrus wedge. I think they turned out awesome.
For the centerpieces, I used my mason jars that I've saved from various things and picked wildflowers. There are so many pretty wildflowers around here. There are really pretty orange lily that bloom everywhere. It was a bit of an adventure getting them though. I pulled over along the side of the road near a marshy area. I heard lots of strange frogs croaking. It sounded like someone plucking a bass string. They were so loud. I tied a bow around the jar and arranged the flowers. I ended up making 12 vases, which was WAY too many, but they looked nice.
At the activity they had us do a photo booth. There were lots of different things we could use to make it more fun. I think Ashton looks like he's about the "eat" the mustache. It was a fun activity. It was really great to be able to talk to other adults for a change.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Watkins Glen Suspension Bridge

On our last day of camping we decided to go back out on the Gorge Trail. We wanted to see the suspension bridge. It was a short walk from where the swimming pool was.
We walked down some stairs, past a little pond, down the trail a little bit and then we finally found the...
We managed to get a few group pictures.
After getting our pictures and fill of the bridge, we walked back, put our swim suits on and went swimming one last time.
We had such a great time at Watkins Glen that we will definitely be coming back again.

Watkins Glen Hike

There was a park that I REALLY had wanted to go camping at so I made reservations awhile ago and we invited our friends to come with us.
Sterling and his two boys that are about Terryn's age joined us and they had so much fun. I picked a pretty great camping spot that was fairly private and away from the road. It was also in the right spot to just walk down the hill a ways to join up with the hiking trail.
I had fun this camping trip trying out new camp fire food. I made burritos, pineapple cake and lumberjack scramble. They were all pretty darn delicious.

We stayed for 2 nights and on the second day is when we tried out the hike. I was hoping it wasn't too difficult because we had four young kiddos trying to do the hike.
The hike was amazing! It was along side a beautiful gorge.
There were weeping walls, fairy-tale-like stone bridges and several waterfalls.

The stream would flow through really cool pools too.

I think my favorite thing were the waterfalls.
We got to walk under many of the waterfalls and it was just AWESOME!
It had been a hot day, but down on the Gorge Trail, it had it's own micro climate. It was nice.
Really. it was just so beautiful.

The boys did really well hiking too. Not much complaining, although Jayce was SUPER cranky.

After awhile and as soon as we found a semi-shady place to stop, we ate our lunch.

The hike lasted a few hours, with all our stopping.
We finally found the stairs going up to the park entrance.

We were pretty pooped... and hot.
So we decided to go swimming. This camp ground is so awesome that it has its own pool.